Ep20. What Does Fed Do? 美联储是做什么的?

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is Fed (Federal Reserve in the US) is? Why is it so powerful? Why every time the chairman of the Fed spoke something, the stock market went up and down? Why there is also a Treasury Department in the US, is it the same as Fed? In this post, I will explain.

History Of Fed 

Before Fed (Federal Reverse) was created, there had been a lot of bank failures in the US. When one of the banks failed, the customers of other banks rushed to withdraw money from their own banks, this created a domino effect and caused recessions. In 1913, Fed was created with the objective to help banks acquire energy cash reserves during panic withdrawals, and establish confidence in the banking system, and stability in the economy. 

Functions Of Fed

Over the years Fed’s roles and responsibilities have expanded. The main objectives of the Fed include: stabilizing prices (controlling inflation), maximizing employment, moderating long-term interest rates, regulating and supervising banks, maintaining the stabilization of the financial system, and providing financial services to banks, the US government, and foreign official institutions. Fed can change the federal funds rate, which influences interest rates like mortgage loans and affect the direction of the economy. Since the US is the biggest economy in the world, and USD is the world’s most powerful currency, any actions from the Fed have an international impact.

Difference: Fed vs Treasury Department 

Fed is the central bank that manages monetary policies. Its responsibility is to keep the economy stable by managing the supply of money in circulation. The Department of Treasury manages fiscal policies, collects tax revenues, distributes budget, issues bonds/bills/notes, prints money, and advises the president on economic policies. So you can see Fed and Treasury play different roles, but they need to work closely together in ensuring the stability and growth of the economy. 

你有没有想过,Fed(美国的美联储)到底是什么?为什么这么厉害?为什么每次美联储主席讲话,股市都会涨跌?为什么美国还有个财政部,是不是和美联储一样? 在这篇文章中,我会普及几个基本常识。


在美联储(Federal Reverse)成立之前,美国时常有银行倒闭。当其中一家银行倒闭时,其他银行的客户争先恐后地从他们自己的银行取款,这产生了多米诺骨牌效应,并导致经济衰退。1913年,美联储成立,目的是帮助银行在大众恐慌性提款时获得能源现金储备,以建立社会对银行体系和经济稳定的信心。




美联储是美国管理货币政策的中央银行。它的职责是通过管理流通中的货币供应来保持经济稳定。美国财政部负责管理财政政策,负责征收税收、分配预算、发行债券/票据/票据、印钞,并就经济政策向总统提出建议。 所以你可以看出美联储和财政部的角色是不一样的,但他们需要密切合作,来确保经济的稳定和增长。


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