Ep49. Four Thousand Weeks 四千个星期(1)

“Four Thousand Weeks”

I recently read the book “Four Thousand Weeks” written by Oliver Burkeman. It was recommended in a personal finance podcast, and initially I thought it was a book on time management. To my surprise, it is much more than time management. It is a profound exploration of the human experience and the finite nature of our time on Earth. Burkeman invites readers to confront the reality that, on average, we have approximately four thousand weeks to live our lives. Through a blend of philosophy, psychology, and personal anecdotes, he challenges the prevailing notion of productivity and the relentless pursuit of more. Below are some of the actionable take aways from the book:

  1. Embrace Your Finite Time: Understand that life is short, and you have a limited number of weeks to live. Use this awareness to prioritize what truly matters to you.
  2. Slow Down and Be Present: By slowing down and being fully present in the moment, you can make each week feel longer and more meaningful. Mindfulness and meditation can help with this.
  3. Reject the Cult of Productivity: Don’t succumb to the pressure of constant productivity. It’s okay to have unproductive days or moments. Rest and leisure are essential for creativity and well-being.
  4. Set Clear Priorities: Define your core values and focus on activities that align with them. This will help you make deliberate choices about how to spend your time.


我最近读了奥利弗·伯克曼(Oliver Burkeman)写的《四千个星期》这本书。这本书是在一个理财播客中推荐的,最初我以为它是一本关于时间管理的书。令我惊讶的是,它远不止于时间管理。它是对人类在地球上度过有限时间的深刻探索。伯克曼邀请读者面对这个现实:平均而言,我们只有大约四千个星期来度过生活。通过哲学、心理学和个人轶事的融合,他挑战了生产力和追求更多的主流观念。以下是这本书的一些可行行动建议:

  1. 接受你有限的时间:了解生命短暂,你有限的星期数。利用这种认识来优先考虑对你来说真正重要的事情。
  2. 慢下来,关注当下:通过放慢脚步,全身心地投入当下,可以让每一周都感觉更长、更有意义。正念和冥想可以帮助实现这一点。
  3. 拒绝无尽地提升效率:不要屈服于不断追求生产力的压力。拥有无所作为的日子或时刻是可以接受的。休息和休闲对创造力和幸福感至关重要。
  4. 设定明确的优先事项:明确你的核心价值观,并专注于与之一致的活动。这将帮助你明智地选择如何度过你的时间。


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