Ep28. Story of A Chocolate 巧克力的故事

A Story about Happiness

On Sunday morning, I was having breakfast with my daughter and I asked her a question: “What is the one thing that you want right now that makes you happy?” My daughter replied: “Daddy I really want a piece of chocolate.” I nodded and asked: “If I give you a piece of chocolate now, how do you feel? Happy?” She nodded: “Of course Daddy, I will be very very happy if I have a piece of chocolate right now.”

I asked again: “I will give you a piece of chocolate right now, but at the same time, I will also give your brother two pieces of chocolate. How do you feel?” My daughter turned her head and said: “I don’t feel that happy anymore since I get less chocolate than him, in fact, I am a bit angry now.”

I asked my daughter: “Your chocolate is the same, but why your mood is different now? It seems happiness doesn’t really depend on the chocolate but depends on yourself. If you are content with what you have – that piece of chocolate – you will be very happy. If you always compare with others and you will never get satisfied.”

My daughter laughed and said: “Daddy I am feeling a bit better now. Mummy doesn’t even get to have any chocolate.”

周日早上,我和女儿一起吃早餐时问了她一个问题:“你现在最想要的让你开心的事情是什么?” 我女儿回答说:“爸爸,我真的想要一块巧克力。” 我点点头,问道:“如果我现在给你一块巧克力,你觉得怎么样? 开心?” 她点点头:“当然爸爸,如果我现在有一块巧克力,我会非常非常幸福快乐。”

我又问:“那我现在给你一块巧克力,但同时,我也会给你弟弟两块巧克力。 你感觉如何?” 女儿转过头说:“我没有那么开心了,因为我得到的巧克力比他少,其实我现在有点生气。”

我问女儿:“你的巧克力是一样的,为什么你现在的心情不一样了? 看来幸福其实并不取决于巧克力,而是取决于你自己。 如果你对你所拥有的 – 那块巧克力 – 感到满意,你会很幸福。 如果你总是和别人比较,你永远不会满足。”

女儿笑着说:“爸爸,我现在感觉好多了。 妈妈连巧克力都吃不到。”


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