Ep29. The Best Book I Read This Year 我今年读到最好的书

The Greatest Salesman In the World

In one of the podcast I listened to, the host recommended this book ‘The Greatest Salesman In The World’ by Og Mandino. It is a short book, so I picked it up and thought this is about how to learn sales techniques. I was totally wrong and was blown away by this book. This book actually teaches you about personal success and happiness in a philosophical manner. 

The story is about a young man called Hafid, who lives in ancient Jerusalem. He comes across a wealthy trader who has a chain of stores and wants to know the secret behind his success. The trader is on his deathbed and shares the secret of his success by revealing 10 scrolls he received from a wealthy man when he was young. These principles are still very relevant to us today.

Scroll 1 – I will form good habits and become their slave.

This sets the foundation for all the subsequent principles.

Scroll 2 – I will greet this day with love in my heart.

I will speak, act, react with loves, love all mankind, and especially, love myself.

Scroll 3 – I will persist until I succeed. 

I will not be depressed by today’s failure as it sets stage for my future success, I will also not get complacent on my current success as complacency is the foundation for failure.

Scroll 4 – I am nature’s greatest miracle. 

I am unique. I have limitless potential. I should not compare with others. I should not waste my uniqueness. 

Scroll 5 – I will live this day as if it is my last day. 

Yesterday is buried. Tomorrow is out of reach. Don’t worry about yesterday and tomorrow, focus on today.

Scroll 6 – I will be master of my emotions. 

Emotions are changing like weather, and I make my own weather. Weak is he who permits his thoughts and emotions to control his actions, strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts and emotions.

Scroll 7 – I will laugh at the world, and myself. 

Nothing is a big deal. “This Too Shall Pass.” 

Scroll 8 – I will multiply my value by a hundredfold. 

I will set my own destiny. I will set my goals for every day, week, year, and my life. I will raise my next goals once I achieve my first goals and never limit myself.

Scroll 9 – I will act now.

I will start now, not tomorrow.

Scroll 10 – I will pray for guidance.

I will not pray for material things. I will only pray for guidance.


在我听的一个播客中,主持人推荐了Og Mandino的《世界上最伟大的推销员》一书。这是一本很短的书,所以我借了看看,原以为这是关于如何学习销售技巧的。我完全错了,我被这本书震惊了!这本书原来是以哲学的方式教给我们关于个人成功和幸福的知识。

故事是关于一个名叫哈菲德的年轻人,他住在古老的耶路撒冷。他遇到了一位拥有很多店铺的富有商人,想知道他成功背后的秘诀。这位商人临终前透露给哈菲德,他年轻时从一位富人那里得到的 10 个卷轴,以此分享他成功的秘诀。这些原则今天对我们仍然非常重要。

卷轴 1 – 我要养成好习惯,做他们的奴隶。


卷轴 2 – 我将用心中的爱来迎接这一天。


卷轴 3 – 我会坚持直到我成功。


卷轴 4 – 我是大自然最伟大的奇迹。


卷轴 5 – 我会把这一天当作我的最后一天来过。


卷轴 6 – 我将成为我情绪的主人。


卷轴 7 – 我会淡淡一笑,对于这个世界,还有我自己。


卷轴 8 – 我会把我的价值乘以一百倍。


卷轴 9 – 我现在就行动。


卷轴 10 – 我会祈求指引。



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