Ep18. Time Expenses 时间开销

Every person has two types of assets that you could spend. One is wealth. The other is time.

Similarities And Differences

These two types of assets have a lot of commonalities. Both wealth and time seem abundant, but not unlimited. Both wealth and time need to be carefully budgeted, spent, and not wasted, to have a fulfilling life. However, wealth typically can be earned with time, but time can’t be earned with wealth. An old billionaire is more wealthy than a poor young man, but he can’t buy his time back with his wealth. There are a lot of books, YouTube channels, and blogs, on how to budget, spend, and not waste your wealth. There aren’t so many on how to better deal with our time. I’m wondering why? Is money more important than time?

Spend Wisely

We constantly tell ourselves we need to spend our money wisely, on the most important things in our life: food on the table, a roof over our head, life experience, better education, etc. What do you spend most of your time on each day? Have you analyzed that thoroughly? How many hours are spent on things you don’t like? How many hours are being idle? If you are making a purchase with 1000 dollars, you will likely think carefully to make sure the money is well spent. Do you do the same for 4 hours of time to be spent? If you are going to do one thing this year to improve your habit of time spending, what is that?

Minimise Waste 

We also remind ourselves, never to waste money. If it is something we don’t need, we don’t buy it. If we make a bad purchase, we will feel bad about it and learn a lesson from it. Do you do the same for time? Do you feel bad about wasting time, say surfing Facebook for an hour each day? You might say: “I need that one hour on Facebook to rest, recharge, and connect to my friends!” But I want to say: “Wouldn’t 10 minutes walk a better way to recharge? Wouldn’t 5 minutes phone call to your best friend be a better way to connect?”









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