Ep33: Designing Your Life 设计你的生活

Recently I read the book ‘Designing Your Life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evan. They have been teaching the popular ‘life design’ classes at Stanford University to help students better design their life and career and published this book to share some of the ideas from their classes. I found the book very interesting and recommend it if you would like to optimize your life and your career. Here are some of the tips I found helpful.

Know Your Life-view and Work-view

Write down your life view and work view. These are the most important things to you in your life and in your career. They are your compass that helps you design your life. Review them once a year as your views also evolve when your circumstances change.

Design Three Odyssey Plans 

Based on your life view and work view, design 3 five-year dream plans. The first plan is your current life. The second plan is an alternative plan if your current life is being eliminated, this may be something else you always wanted to try. The third plan is a wild-card plan if money and self-image are not part of the consideration.

Prototype and Try

For all the alternative life plans, don’t just dream them, go out to explore and try. Find the people who are already doing these plans, and ask for their life stories. Get your hands dirty and give it a try! You might discover the alternative life is worth pursuing, or your current life is indeed the best for you!

最近我读了 Bill Burnett 和 Dave Evan《设计你的生活》一书。他们在斯坦福大学教授“生活设计”课程,以帮助学生更好地设计他们的生活和职业,并出版了这本书来分享他们课堂上的一些内容。我发现这本书非常有趣,如果您想优化您的生活和事业,我推荐这本书。以下是我发现有帮助的一些提示。







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