Ep37. 3 Unpopular Happiness Tips 3 条不受欢迎的幸福秘诀

One of the ultimate goals of life is to have a happy life. There are many experts’ advice on happiness. I have three tips, that might not be popular in common views. However, I found they helped me in getting a happier life!

Happiness Should Not Be Pursued 

Many people advise that we should actively pursue happiness. However, in my opinion, if we relentlessly pursue happiness, we are subconsciously reminding ourselves that we are not happy. So we need to pursue and make changes to be happy. Instead of constantly trying to look for happiness, a better approach will be to accept reality and appreciate everyday life. Learn to be contented with your current life, and make some adjustments and optimizations each day. By doing so, we will feel happy right away, and more happiness will naturally come.

Stop Focusing on Long-Term Goals 

There are many pieces of advice on chasing life-long goals and making an impact on other people’s lives. However, too much focus on long-term goals will make us neglect our current moments. Instead of constantly thinking of what we will achieve 20 years later, we should put more focus on what we can achieve today, tomorrow, and this week. Short-term achievements can easily boost our mood. “Live for the moment.”

Too Much Discretionary Time Is Not Good 

Discretionary time is our total time minus the time spent on employment, household work, eating, and sleeping. It usually refers to the time that we are idling, doing leisure, sports, and social activities. Many people think a happy life means a lot of discretionary time, and that’s not true. Research shows too little discretionary time (<2 hours a day) is not fun, but too much discretionary time (>5 hours a day) will also decrease happiness, as that makes life less purposeful. Making sure you have time to relax, play, exercise, and socialize, but do them between 2 to 5 hours a day. You will feel great. 

人生的终极目标之一,就是过上幸福的生活。你可能听过很多有关于幸福的专家建议。我有 3 个技巧,它们在普通人看来可能不受欢迎。然而,就我个人而言,我发现它们帮助我获得了更幸福的生活!




有许多关于追求终生目标和改变他人生活的建议。然而,过分关注长期目标,会让我们忽视当下的点滴。与其老想着 20 年后你会取得什么成就,不如把更多的注意力放在今天、明天和本周能取得的成就上面。短期成就很容易改进我们的情绪。 “活在当下。”


“自由支配的时间”是我们的总时间减去花在工作、家务、吃饭和睡觉上的时间。它通常是指我们放空、休闲、运动和社交活动的时间。许多人认为幸福的生活意味着大量的”自由支配时间”,但事实并非如此。研究表明,”自由支配时间”太少(每天 <2 小时)不好,但”自由支配时间”太多(每天 >5 小时)也会降低幸福感,因为这会使生活缺乏目的性。确保你有时间放松、玩耍、锻炼和社交,但控制在 2 到 5 个小时之内。你会感觉很好。


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