Ep42. Advice for Children 给孩子的建议

(from Morgan Housel)

Morgan Housel is one of my favorite personal finance writers and bloggers. In addition to finances and investing, he is an expert in psychology, well-being, and the author of ‘The Psychology of Money.’ He wrote a letter to his son before his birth, in which he provided the following list of valuable financial and life advice:

  1. Expensive possessions do not necessarily command respect and admiration from others. Traits like humility and respect for others hold greater value.
  2. Financial success and failure are not solely determined by hard work. Luck and circumstances also play significant roles, so it’s important to exercise mindfulness when judging others.
  3. Experiencing scarcity and learning to live with less can impart the true value of money and essential survival skills.
  4. Avoid the cycle of continuously shifting the goalpost for financial happiness. The ability to adapt to new circumstances outweighs the pursuit of a specific monetary target.
  5. Do not feel trapped in a career you dislike due to a decision made at a young age. It is common not to discover your true calling until later in life.
  6. Remain open to changing your beliefs and opinions, particularly in the realm of investing. The capacity to adjust and acknowledge when one is wrong reflects intelligence.
  7. The greatest advantage of money is the control it grants over one’s time and priorities. This freedom contributes to genuine happiness.
  8. Debt is a significant cause of financial regret. Borrowing for short-term pleasure can restrict future options and burden you in the long run.
  9. Your savings rate depends more on your spending habits than your income. Learning to live with less is an effective approach to gaining control of your financial future.
  10. Recognise that everyone is different, and it is essential to form one’s own opinions and experiences. So don’t listen blindly to your parents about the above money advices.

摩根·豪赛尔(Morgan Housel)是我最喜欢的个人理财作家和博主之一。除了理财和投资外,他还是心理学、幸福感方面的专家,也是《金钱心理学》一书的作者。他在他儿子出生前给他写了一封信,在信中提供了以下有价值的理财和人生建议:

  1. 昂贵的物品不一定能赢得他人的尊重和钦佩。谦逊和对他人的尊重更有价值。
  2. 财务成功与失败并非仅取决于辛勤工作。运气和环境也起着重要作用,所以在评判他人时要特别留意不要以一概全。
  3. 经历匮乏和学会过简朴生活可以让人了解金钱的真正价值和基本生存技能。
  4. 避免不断调整财务幸福的目标杆。适应新环境的能力比追求具体的金钱目标更为重要。
  5. 不要因为年轻时做出的决定而陷入讨厌的职业。直到晚年才发现自己真正的天职是很常见的。
  6. 保持对信念和观点的开放,特别是在投资领域。能够调整和承认自己的错误是智慧的体现。
  7. 金钱最大的好处是赋予了自己对时间和优先事项的控制权。这种自由有助于真正的幸福感。
  8. 债务是财务遗憾的一个重要原因。为了短期的快乐而借钱可能限制未来的选择,并给你带来负担。
  9. 你的储蓄率更多地取决于你的消费习惯而不是收入。学会过简朴的生活是掌握自己财务未来的有效途径。
  10. 认识到每个人都是不同的,形成自己的观点和经验至关重要。所以不要盲目听从你父母关于上述理财建议的意见。


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