Ep50. Four Thousand Weeks 四千个星期(2)

“Four Thousand Weeks”

This post continues on my take aways of the book “Four Thousand Weeks”. There will never be a perfect moment in life, one should never fantasise “if I achieve FI, or if I quit my job, or if I retire and travel the world, or if my kids grow up, then I will be happy”. Life is always filled with challenges. Deal with it by doing the next most necessary thing, and find tranquility and fulfilment from it. That’s the meaning of life. Some of the additional actionable take aways from the book:

  1. Embrace Constraints: Constraints can foster creativity. Instead of viewing limitations as obstacles, see them as opportunities to innovate and find novel solutions.
  2. Pursue Experiences Over Things: Prioritize experiences and memories over material possessions. These tend to bring greater long-term happiness.
  3. Learn to Say No: Don’t overcommit yourself. Saying no to non-essential obligations frees up time for what truly matters.
  4. Practise Doing Nothing: I really like this one, sometimes we just need to learn to be idle for a while!


  1. 拥抱局限:局限可以促进创造力。不要将限制视为障碍,而是将其视为创新和寻找新颖解决方案的机会。
  2. 追求经历而非物质:优先考虑经历和回忆,而不是物质财富。这些通常会带来更长期的幸福。
  3. 学会说“不”:不要过度承诺自己。拒绝非必要的义务会为真正重要的事情腾出时间。
  4. 练习放空:我很喜欢这一条,有时候我们就是要学会什么都不做,放空一下!

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